$125 – Fully spay/neutered and vaccinated

$75 – Full vaccinated but not spayed/neutered

$50 – Care Only (No vaccinations or spay/neuter)

Per Ordinance 225 “Revising Animal Care and Control Ordinance” all dogs must be sterilized within 30 days of adoption.

Circle of Friends Animal Society (COFAS) offers $50 spay/neuter for dogs. Contact COFAS at 706-688-9010 to schedule.

Call 706-444-5753, Ext 9 to schedule an appointment



Meet Mona, a resilient 3-year-old female with a heart of gold! Despite her challenging past, Mona has blossomed remarkably since finding refuge at the shelter. She’s transformed into a social butterfly, exuding exceptional friendliness and relishing in the company of everyone she encounters. Mona’s exuberance and enthusiasm for life often bubble over, making her quite vocal and excitable when meeting new people. While this zest for life can sometimes intimidate other dogs and people, Mona’s intentions are pure – all she wants is to play and spread joy. Due to her previous experiences, Mona feels uncomfortable in confined spaces and would thrive in an open area or a spacious room where she can freely express herself. Mona is up-to-date on all her vaccinations (including rabies, parvo, distemper, and Bordetella) and has been spayed.